bandhakaḥ बन्धकः

Definition: बन्धकः 1 One who binds or catches, a binder. -2 A catcher. -3 A band, tie, rope, tether. -4 A dike, bank, dam. -5 A pledge, deposit. -6 A posture of the body. -7 Barter, exchange. -8 A violator, ravisher. -9 A promise. -1 A city. -11 A part or portion (at the end of num. compounds); ऋणं सदश- बन्धकम् Y.2.76. -कम् 1 Binding, confinement. -2 Pawn, mortgage; L. D. B. -की 1 An unchaste woman; न मे त्वया कौमारबन्धक्या प्रयोजनम् Māl.7; Ve.2. -2 A harlot, courtezan; अतः परं स्वैरिणी स्याद्बन्धकी पञ्चमे भवेत् Mb.1.123. 77; बलात् धृतो$सि मयेति बन्धकीधार्ष्ट्यम् K.237; वैयात्यं प्रथयति बन्धकीव योषा Rām. Ch.7.58. -3 A female elephant. -4 A barren woman;

Dictionary: Apte
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