bali बलि

Definition: m. tax, impost, tribute; offering, gift, oblation; offering of food (generally rice, grain, or ghee) thrown up into the air and made to living creatures, esp. birds (also called bhûta-yagña): very often --°ree; with the object, the time, the place, or material of the offering; handle (of a fly-whisk); Name of a Daitya, a son of Virokana, who obtained the sovereignty of the three worlds, but was deprived of it by Vishnu in the form of a dwarf after promising the latter as much land as he could measure in three steps; he was cast down by Vishnu to Pâtâla, which he was allowed to rule; N.; incorrect for vali, fold: -kara, m. pl. taxes and duties;-karman, n. performance of the Bali or food offering; -krit, a. paying taxes; -dâna, n. presentation of an offering or oblation.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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