bakaḥ बकः

Definition: बकः 1 The Indian crane; न प्रयत्नशतेनापि शुकवत् पाठ्यते बकः H. -2 A cheat, rogue, hypocrite (the crane being a very cunning bird that knows well how to draw others into its clutches). -3 Name of a demon killed by Bhīma. -4 Name of another demon killed by Kṛiṣṇa. -5 Name of Kubera. -6 An apparatus for subliming metals or minerals. -की = पूतना q. v. अहो बकी यं स्तनकालकूटं जिघांस- यापाययदप्यसाध्वी Bhāg.3.2.23. -2 A female crane. -Comp. -चरः, -वृत्तिः, -व्रतचरः, -व्रतिकः, -व्रतिन् m. 'acting like a crane', a false devotee, religious hypocrite; अधोदृष्टिर्नैष्कृतिकः स्वार्थसाधनतत्परः । शठो मिथ्याविनीतश्च बकव्रतचरो द्विजः ॥ Ms.4.196. -चिञ्चिका, -चिञ्ची a kind of fish. -जित् m., -निषूदनः epithets of 1 Bhīma. -2 of Kṛiṣṇa. -धूपः a kind of perfume. -पञ्चकम् the last five days of the bright half of the month of Kārtika (during which even the heron no fish). -यन्त्रम् a kind of retort. -व्रतम् 'crane-like conduct', hypocrisy; ये बकव्रतिनो विप्राः Ms.4.197; see also 196 (बकव्रतचर). -सहवासिन् a lotus flower; Kuval.

Dictionary: Apte
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