baiḍāla बैडाल

Definition: बैडाल a. (-ली f.) [बिडालस्येदम् अण्] 1 Relating to a cat. -2 Peculiar to cats. -Comp. -व्रतम् 'a cat-like observance,' concealing one's malice or evil designs under the garb of piety or virtue. -व्रतिः one who leads a chaste life simply from want of female company (and not because he has controlled his senses). -व्रतिकः, -व्रतिन् m. a religious hypocrite, an impostor; बैडालव्रतिकाञ्छठान् ...... वाङ्मात्रेणापि नार्चयेत् Ms.4.3.

Dictionary: Apte
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