bahuvrīhiprakṛtisvara बहुव्रीहिप्रकृतिस्वर

Definition: the accent peculiar to, or specifically mentioned in the case of the Bahuvrihi compound viz. the retention of its own accents by the first member, in spite of the general rule that a compound word has the last vowel accented acute i.e. उदात्त. cf. बहुव्रीहौ प्रकृत्या पूर्वपदम्. P. VI. 2.1. The expression बहुव्रीहिस्वर in this very sense is used in the Mahabhasya cf. बहुव्रीहिस्वरं शास्ति समासान्तविधेः सुकृत् M. Bh. on P. VI. 2.1.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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