bahusaṃkhyāka बहुसंख्याक

Definition: a. numerous; -sattva, a. abounding in animals; -sadrisa, a. very suitable; -sava, a. sacrificing often or doing anything for many years; containing many sacrifices or years; -sasya, a. abounding in corn; m. Name of a village; -sâdhana, a. having many resources: -tâ, f. possession of many resources; -sâdhâra, a. having many supports, i.e. knowing what one has to go on; -sârá, a. stout-hearted (tree); -sâhasra, a. consisting of or amounting to many thousands: î, f. sg. many thou sands; -suvarna, a. rich in gold: -tâ, f. abst. n.; -suvarna-ka, a. possessing many pieces of gold; m. Name of a prince; Name of an Agrahâra;-spris, a. touching many things; -svara, a. polysyllabic; -hastí-ka, a. abound ing in elephants; -hiranyá, a. rich in gold.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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