bahuprakruti बहुप्रक्रुति

Definition: consisting of a large number of verbal parts in derivation; बह्वयः प्रकृतयो यत्र; (2) a compound in which the constituent words are all in the plural number, cf. सर्वे द्वन्द्वो विभाषैकवद्भवति । बहुप्रकृतिरिति वक्तव्यम् M. Bh. on P.II.4.12 Vart.l; (3) a compound word (पद) made up of many constituent words; cf. बहूनि पदानि यत्र तद् बहुप्रकृति पदम् Vaj. Prat. V. 7.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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