bahukara बहुकर

Definition: a. doing much, for any one (g.); -kalpa, a. of many kinds, manifold; -kalyâna, a. very noble; -kâma, a. having many wishes; -krítvas, ad. ofttimes, frequently; -kshama, a. bearing much, of great forbearance; -gamana, a. having many goings or courses; -garhya-vâk, a. talking much that is censurable, garrulous; -guna, a. many-stranded (rope); manifold, much; possessing many virtues; -gotra-ga, a.having many blood relations; -graha, a. hold ing much (pot); taking much (minister); -kitra, a. extremely manifold or various; -kkhala, a. abounding in fraud, deceitful: -tva, n. deceitfulness; -gana, 1. m. the great multitude; 2. a. having many people about one; -galpa, a. garrulous; -galpitri, m. chat terer; -tanaya, a. having many sons.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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