bahiraṅga बहिरङ्ग

Definition: a. external; unessen tial: -tâ, f., -tva, n. abst. n.; -argala, --°ree;, a. external bolt; -artha, m. external object; -gata, pp. come forth: -tva, n. appearance; -giri, m. (country beyond the hills), Name of a country: pl. Name of a people; -geham, ad. outside the house; -grâmam, ad. outside the village; -grâma-pratisraya, a. dwelling outside the village; -dris, a. looking at the outside, superficial (person); -dvâra, n. outer door; space outside the door; -dvârin, a. being outside the door; -dh&asharp;, ad. prp. with ab. outside, away from (V.); -nirgamana, n. going out of (ab.); -nihsarana, n. taking out, removal; -bhava, a.external; -bhâga, m. exterior; -mandala-stha, a. being out side the circle; -mukha, a. issuing from the mouth; averting one's face, averse from (--°ree;); having one's mind outward, i.e. directed to wards the external world; -yâna, n. going out; (ír)-loma, a. having the hair turned outwards; -loman, a. id.; -vâsas, n. upper garment; -vikâram, ad. apart from indi vidual existence (Sâmkhya ph.); -vritti, f. occupation with external matters; -vedi, 1. f. space outside the Vedi; 2. ad. (í) outside the Vedi; -vedi-ka, a. being outside the Vedi.

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