babhru बभ्रु

Definition: बभ्रु a. [भृ-कु द्वित्वम्; बभ्र्-उ वा Uṇ.1.21] 1 Deepbrown, tawny, reddish-brown; ज्वालाबभ्रुशिरोरुहः R.15. 16;19.25; बबन्ध बालारुणबभ्रु वल्कलम् Ku.5.8. -2 Baldheaded through disease. -भ्रुः 1 Fire. -2 An ichneumon; सखिभिर्न्यवसत् सार्धं व्याघ्राखुवृकबभ्रुभिः Mb.1.14.27. -3 The tawny colour. -4 A man with tawny hair. -5 Name of a Yādava; आलप्यालमिदं बभ्रोर्यत् स दारानपाहरत् Śi.2.1. -6 An epithet of Śiva. -7 Of Viṣṇu. -8 The Chātaka bird. -9 A sweeper, cleaner. -1 Name of a country. -n. 1 A tawny or brown colour. -2 Any object of a brown colour. -भ्रूः f. A reddish-brown cow (कपिला); अजानन्नहनद्बभ्रोः शिरः शार्दूलशङ्कया Bhāg.9.2.6. -Comp. -धातुः 1 gold. -2 red chalk (गौरिक), a kind of ochre. -वाहनः Name of a son of Arjuna by Chitrāṅgadā. [The sacrificial horse let loose by king Yudhiṣṭhira and guarded by Arjuna entered, in the course of its wanderings, the country of Maṇipura, which was then ruled by Babhruvāhana, unequalled in prowess. The horse was taken to the king; but when he read the writing on the plate on its head, he knew that it belonged to the Pāṇḍavas, and that his father Arjuna had arrived in the kingdom; and, hastening to him, respectfully offered his kingdom and his treasures along with the horse. Arjuna, in an evil hour, struck the head of Babhruvāhana and upbraided him for his cowardice saying that if he had possessed true valour and had been his true son, he should not have been afraid of his father and submitted to him so meekly. At these words the brave youth was exceedingly irritated and discharged a crescent-shaped arrow at Arjuna which severed his head from his body. He was, however, restored to life by Ulūpī who happened to be then with Chitrāṅgadā; and having acknowledged Babhruvāhana as his true son, he resumed his journey.]

Dictionary: Apte
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