bālaka बालक

Definition: बालक a. (-लिका f.) [बाल स्वार्थे क] 1 Childlike, young, not yet fullgrown. -2 Ignorant. -कः 1 A child, boy. -2 A minor (In law). -3 A finger-ring. -4 A fool or blockhead. -5 A bracelet. -6 The tail of a horse or elephant. -7 Hair. -8 A young elephant (five years old); निर्धूतवीतमपि बालकमुल्ललन्तम् Śi.5.47. See बाल (8). -कम् 1 A finger-ring. -2 A bracelet. -Comp. -प्रिय a. fond of children. (-या) colocynth or plantain. -हत्या infanticide.

Dictionary: Apte
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