avasthā अवस्था

Definition: P. -tiṣṭhati- (imperfect tense -atiṣṭhat-; Aorist subjunctive -sthāt-; perf. A1.3. sg. -tasthe-; perf. p. P. -tasthiv/as-) to go down into (accusative), reach down to (accusative) ; (Aorist subjunctive 2. plural -sthāta-), to go away from (ablative) ; (Aorist subjunctive 1. sg. -sthām-) to be separated from or deprived of (ablative) : A1. (;rarely P. exempli gratia, 'for example' etc.) to take one's stand, remain standing etc. ; to stay, abide, stop at any place (locative case) etc. ; to abide in a state or condition (instrumental case) etc. ; (with ind.p.) to remain or continue (doing anything) , etc. ; to be found, exist, be present ; (perf. 1. sg. -tasthe-) to fall to, fall into the possession of (dative case) ; to enter, be absorbed in in (locative case) ; to penetrate (as sound or as fame) : Passive voice -sthīyate-, to be settled or fixed or chosen : Causal (generally ind.p. -sthāpya-) to cause to stand or stop (as a carriage or an army etc.), let behind etc. ; to place upon (locative case), fix, set, array etc. ; to cause to enter or be absorbed in (locative case) ; to render solid or firm ; to establish (by arguments) commentator or commentary on : Passive voice Causal -sthāpyate-, to be kept firm ["to be separated" ]

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
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ed. Bomb.

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