avasad अवसद्

Definition: P. -sīdati- (rarely A1. exempli gratia, 'for example' Potential -sideta- ; imperfect tense -sīdata- ) to sink (is into water) ; to sink down, faint, grow lean ([ ; ]), become exhausted or disheartened, slacken, come to an end, perish, Causal (parasmE-pada -sādayat-; ind.p. -sādya-) to cause to sink (as, into water) ; to render downhearted, dispirit, ruin etc. ; to frustrate

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh. i , 5184, R. iv , 58 , 6, Sus3r., BhP., TS., PBr., Sus3r., ChUp., MBh., MBh. xii , 2634, R. v , 51 , 2.
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