avapad अवपद्

Definition: -padyate- (subjunctive P. -padāti- ; preceding A1.3. sg. -padīṣṭa- ; Aorist subjunctive A1.3. sg. -pādi- ; Vedic or Veda infinitive mood (ablative) -p/adas- ) Vedic or Veda to fall down, glide down into (accusative) etc. ; (Imper. A1.3. plural -padyantām-; subjunctive P.2. sg. -patsi-; Potential P.1. sg. -padyeyam-) to drop from (ablative), be deprived of (ablative) ; (subjunctive A1.1. sg. -padyai-) to fall, meet with an accident ; (future 3. plural -patsyanti-) to throw down : Causal (Imper. 2. sg. -pādaya-; ind.p. -pādya-) to cause to glide or go down

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. ix , 73 , 9, RV. vii , 104 , 17, RV. i , 105 , 3, RV. ii , 29 , 6, RV., AV., AitBr., PBr., AitBr., Ka1t2h., AV., Sus3r.
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