pakṣatva पक्षत्व

Definition: n. being a component part of (--°ree;); being the subject of a conclusion; prosecution; -dvâra, n. side-door; -dhara, a. taking the side of (g.); attached to (lc.); m. bird; -pâta, m. flight; partisanship, partiality, predilection for (ac.±prati, g., lc., --°ree;); -pâti-tâ, f. partiality or predilection for (lc. or --°ree;); -pâtin, a. siding with, partial to (--°ree;); -puta, m. outspread wing; wing; -bala, n. strength of wing; -rakanâ, f. formation of a party; (á)-vat, a. winged; having a large following; -vikala, a. paralyzed in the wings.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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