nīti नीति

Definition: f. guidance; worldly wisdom, practical morality, political and social ethics; discretion, prudent counsel; policy: -kusala, a. skilled in the conduct of human affairs, politic; -gña, a. prudent, politic; -dosha, m. error of conduct; -patala, n. treatise on policy; -mat, a. (-î) acquainted with the rules of worldly wisdom, politic, prudent; -yukta, pp. versed in policy; -vid, m. poli tician; -vidyâ, f. science of policy; -vedin, a.knowing policy; -sataka, n. T. of Bhartri hari's century of verses on worldly wisdom; -sâstra, n. science of political ethics; trea tise on polity; -samdhi, m. quintessence of polity.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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