vyaśva व्यश्व

Definition: Is the name of a Rṣi, a protágś of the Aśvins, mentioned in several hymns of the eighth Maṇdala, which may have been the composition of a descendant of his, Viśva- manas. In two other passages he is referred to only as a Rṣi of the past, and Oldenberg points out that none of his own work appears in the Samhitā. The Rigveda also mentions5 the Vyaśvas, with whom Ludwig is inclined to connect Vaśa Aśvya. An Angirasa Vyaśva occurs as a seer of Sāmans or Chants in the Pañcavimśa Brāhmaṇa.

Dictionary: vedic_index
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