atirikta अतिरिक्त

Definition: अतिरिक्त p. p. 1 Surpassed, excelled; सर्वातिरिक्तसारेण R.1.14. strength exceeding that of all creatures; सुत- जन्मातिरिक्तेन महोत्सवेन K.137 surpassing the birth of a son. -2 Redundant, superfluous, remaining over and above; परिपूरितहृदयातिरिक्तहर्षमिव K.66 not contained in the heart. -3 Excessive, exuberant. -4 unequalled, unsurpassed; supreme, elevated समश्नुवानाः सहसा$ तिरिक्तताम् Ki.14.33 being raised up or elevated. -5 Different (generally व्यतिरिक्त in this sense, q. v.). -6 Quite empty. -Comp. -अङ्ग a. having a redundant limb (a finger, toe &c.). (-गम्) a redundant limb or member.

Dictionary: Apte
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