atimukta अतिमुक्त

Definition: अतिमुक्त a.. 1 Entirely free from worldly desires, finally emancipated. -2 Barren, seedless. -3 Surpassing, (a necklace of) pearls; अतिमुक्तमद्ग्रथितकेसरावली Māl. 5.8. -क्तः -क्तकः 1 A kind of creeper (माधवी, Mar. कुसरी or कस्तुरमोगरा) represented as twisting itself round the mango tree and as the beloved of that tree; cf. क इदानीं सहकारमन्तरेणातिमुक्तलतां पल्लवितां सहते Ś.3; परि- गृहाण गते सहकारतां त्वमतिमुक्तलताचरितं मयि M.4.13. -2 Name of a tree, Dalbergia Oujeinensis (तिनिश). -3 (˚क्तकः) Mountain ebony; Name of a tree called हरिमन्थ (तिन्दुक वृक्ष, तालवृक्ष also).

Dictionary: Apte
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