at अत्

Definition: tech. term in Pāṇini's grammar for short अ, cf तपरस्तत्कालस्य P. I. 1. 70; अदेङ् गुणः P.I.1.2; (2) personal ending अ for इ (इट्) of the Ist pers. sing. Ātm. in the Potential, P III. 4. 106; (3) caseaffix in the case of युष्मद् and अस्मद् for abl. sing. and pl. P.VII. 1.31,32: (4) tad-affix अत् (अ) prescribed after किम् in the sense of the loc. case before which किम् is changed to कु, क्व being the tad. formation; cf. P. V.3.12 and VII.2.105:(5) substitute अत्(शतृ) for लट् forming the present and future participles in the Parasmaipada. active voice cf. लटः शतृशानचौ. P.III. 2.124 and लृटः सद्वा P. III.3.14.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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