brahmatā ब्रह्मता

Definition: f. nature of the absolute deity; -tegas, n. glory or power of Brah man; a. having the glory or power of Brah man; -tego-maya, a. formed of Brahman's glory; -tva, n. office of the Brahman priest; rank of a Brâhman; position of Brahman; -da, a. giving the Veda, imparting sacred knowledge; -danda, m. Brahman's staff (a kind of mythical weapon); curse of a Brâh man; -dandin, m. Name of an ancient sage; -dattá, m. given by the god Brahman; N.; -dâtri, m. imparter of the Veda, spiritual teacher; -dâna, n. gift of the Veda, impart ing of sacred knowledge; -dâya, 1. a. im parting the Veda; 2. m. sacred knowledge as a heritage; inheritance of a Brâhman; -dâya hara, a. receiving the Veda as an inherit ance from (g.); -dâyâda, a. enjoying sacred knowledge as his inheritance or m. son of Brahman; -dûshaka, a. falsifying the Veda; -deya, a. being given in marriage after the manner of Brahman or the Brâhmans: with vidhi, m. marriage of this kind; n. instruc tion in the Veda, imparting of sacred know ledge: -½anusamtâna, a. in whose familyteaching of the Veda is hereditary; -dvísh, a. hostile to devotion or religion, impious; m. hater of Brâhmans; -dvesha, m. hatred of religion, impiety; -dhara, a. possessed of sa cred knowledge; -dharma-dvish, a. hating the Vedas and the law; -dhâtu, m. compo nent part of Brahman.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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