bīja बीज

Definition: n. seed (of plants and animals); seed-corn, grain; runner of the Indian fig-tree; germ, element; source, origin, begin ning; germ of a poem or play (from which the plot is developed); algebra; quicksilver: --°ree; a. caused or occasioned by: -ka, m. citron; n. seed; list; -kânda-prarohin, a. spring ing from seed or from slips; -kânda-ruha, a. id.; -kosî, f. seed-vessel (esp. of the lotus); -kriyâ, f. algebraic solution; -ganita, n. algebra; -dravya, n. elementary substance; -pûra: -ka, m. citron tree; -pûrna, m. id.; n. citron; -mâtra, n. only what is necessary for the preservation of seed or the race; -ruha, a. springing from seed;-vat, a. provided with seed or corn; -vâpa, m. sowing of seed; -sesha-mâtra, n. even their seed as a re mainder; -samhriti-mat, a. containing the germ and the catastrophe (of a play).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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