praśākhā प्रशाखा

Definition: f. branch; extremity (of the body); -sâkhikâ, f. small branch, twig; -sâtana, n. breaking off; -sânta, pp. (√ sam) tranquillized, calmed, etc.: -ka, a. calm (of the mind), -tâ, f. mental calm, com posure; -sânti, f. tranquillization, appease ment, alleviation; tranquillity, calm; abate ment, cessation; extinction (of fire); de struction; mental calm, composure, quietude; -s&asharp;m, (nm. n) a. painless;-sâsaka, m. spiri tual guide; -s&asharp;sana, n. guidance, govern ment, rule; -sâsitri, m. governor, master; sovereign ruler, dictator; -sâstrí, m. spiritual guide; Name of a priest (also called Maitrâva runa), who is the first assistant of the Hotri; -sâstrá, n. office or Soma-vessel of the Prasâs tri priest; -sâsya, fp. to be ordered by (g.).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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