asamartha असमर्थ

Definition: syntactically not connected, e. g. राज्ञः and पुरुषः in the sentence भार्या राज्ञः पुरुषो देवदत्तस्य (2) unable to enter into a compound word, the term is used in connection with a word which cannot be compounded with another word, although related in sense to it, and connected with it by apposition or by a suitable case affix, the reason being that it is connected more closely with another word: cf. सापेक्षमसमर्थं भवति M. Bh. II.1.1.; e.g. the words कष्टं and श्रितः in the sentence महत् कष्टं श्रितः.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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