as अस्

Definition: case affix of the nominative and accusative plural and the ablative and genitive singular (जस्, शस्, ङसि and ङस्) (2) taddhita affix अस् (असि) added to पूर्व, अधर and अवर, by P.V.3.39: (3) compoundending अस् (असिच्) applied to the words प्रजा and मेधा standing at the end of a Bahuvrīhi compound (P.V.4.122): (4) Uṇādi affix अस् prescribed by the rule सर्वधातुभ्योऽसुन् and subsequent rules (628-678) to form words such as मनस्,सरस् etc.(5) ending syllable अस्, with or without sense, of words in connection with which special operations are given in grammar; cf. P.VI.4.14; cf. also अनिनस्मन्ग्रहणान्यर्थवता चानर्थकेन च तदन्तविधिं प्रयोजयन्ति Par.Śek. Pari. 16.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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