arundhatī अरुन्धती

Definition: अरुन्धती [न रुन्धती प्रतिरोधकारिणी] 1 A medicinal climbing plant. -2 Name of the wife of Vasiṣṭha;अन्वासितमरुन्धत्या स्वाहयेव हविर्भुजम् R.1.56. -3 The morning star personified as the wife of Vasiṣṭha; one of the Pleiades. -4 Name of the daughter of प्राचेतसदक्ष, one of the 1 wives of Dharma. [In mythology Arundhatī is represented as the wife of the sage Vasiṣṭha, one of the 7 sages. She was one of the 9 daughters of Kardama Prajāpati by Devahūti. She is regarded as the highest pattern of conjugal excellence and wifely devotion and is so invoked by the bridegroom at nuptial ceremonies. Though a woman she was regarded with the same, even more, veneration as the Saptarṣis; cf. Ku.6.12; तामगौरवभेदेन मुनींश्चापश्यदीश्वरः । स्त्री पुमानि- त्यनास्थैषा वृत्तं हि महितं सताम् ॥ cf. also Janaka's remarks in U.4.1. She, like her husband, was the guide and controller of Raghu's line in her own department and acted as guardian angel to Sitā after she had been abandoned by Rāma. It is said that Arundhatī (the star) is not seen by persons whose end has approached. cf. Suśruta. न पश्यति सनक्षत्रां यस्तु देवीमरुन्धतीम् । ध्रुवमाकाशगङ्गां च तं वदन्ति गतायुषम् ॥; See H.1.66. also]. -5 The tongue (personified). -Comp. -जानिः, -नाथः -पतिः Name of Vasiṣṭha one of the seven Ṛiṣis or stars in the Ursa Major. -दर्शनन्यायः see under न्याय.

Dictionary: Apte
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