arthakara अर्थकर

Definition: a. (î) useful; -kâma, n. sg., m. du. the useful and the pleasant; a. de sirous of wealth; wishing to be useful; -kâm ya, a. id.; -kârsya, n. destitution, poverty; -kilbishin, a. transgressing with money; -krikkhra, n. difficult matter; -krit, a. use ful; -kritya, n., â, f. accomplishment of an affair; -grahana, n. taking away of money; import of the meaning; -ghna, a. (î) pro digal; -kitta, a. intent on riches; -kintaka,a. knower of the useful; -gâta, n. sg. pl. money; things, objects; -gña, a. understanding the matter or the meaning; -tattva, n. real state of things; fact of a matter; true sense: -tas, ad. for a purpose; for the sake of (--°ree;); for the sake of gain; in truth, really, according to the meaning; -trishnâ, f. thirst for gold, avarice; -tva, n. serviceableness for (--°ree;); -da, a. useful; liberal; -datta, m. Name of wealthy merchants; -darsana, n.judging a matter; -dâna, n. present in money; -dûshana, n. prodigality; unjust seizure of property.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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