ari अरि

Definition: अरि a. [ऋ-इन्] Moving, going, reaching; obtaining, aspiring, devoted to, zealous (Ved.). -रिः 1 An enemy, foe (cf. Uṇ.4.138); (used in the Veda like an adjective in the sense of 'ungenerous', 'malicious', 'not worshipping or devoted', 'hostile'); विजितारिपुरःसरः R.1.59,61; 4.4. -2 An enemy of mankind (said of the six feelings which disturb man's mind); कामः क्रोध- स्तथा लोभो मदमोहौ च मत्सरः; कृतारिषड्वर्गजयेन Ki.1.9. -3 A species of खदिर or Mimosa (विट्खदिर; Mar. शेण्या खैर). -4 Name of the number six (from the six enemies). -5 Name of a condition in astronomy. -6 Any part of a carriage.-7 A wheel, also a disk, अन्यो$न्यहस्तकलितैः कति मूर्तिभेदाः, शम्भोर्हरेरिव गदारिसरोजशङ्खैः Līlā. -8 A lord, master. -9 The wind. -1 A pious or religious man. -Comp. -कर्षण a. tamer or subduer of enemies. -कुलम् 1 a host of enemies. -2 an enemy, -केलिः Sport of a foe, sexual enjoyment cf. अरिकेलिः शत्रुलीला स्त्रीरत्योश्चापि कीर्तितः Nm. -गूर्त a. Ved. ready for the destruction of enemies; praised by devoted men or worshippers. -घ्नः destroyer of enemies. -चिन्तनम्, -चिन्ता schemes directed against enemies; administration of foreign affairs. -त्र a. protecting from enemies. -धायस् a. possessed by lords only (i. e. very precious) -नन्दन a."an enemy's joy", affording triumph to an enemy. -निपातः invasion made by enemies. -भद्रः the foremost or most powerful enemy; पप्रच्छ भद्रं विजितारिभद्रः R.14.31. -मर्दः 'curshing enemies, Name of a plant (काममर्द; Mar. कासविंदा). -मर्दन a. crushing or trampling foes, destroying enemies. -मेदः Name of a tree (विट्खदिर; Mar. शेण्या खरै); Name of a country; Bṛi. S. 14.2. -मेदकः Name of an insect bred in excrement. -स्थानकम् consternation, defeat. -सूदनः, -हन्, -हिंसकः destroyer of enemies; पूजार्हावरिसूदन Bg.2.4. हरिहयो$रिह- योगविचक्षणः R.9.18.

Dictionary: Apte
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