ardhe अर्धे

Definition: ind. in the middle, (ardha-in compound with a substantive means"the half part of anything"[ see ],with an adjective (cf. mfn.) or past Passive voice p.[ see ]"half";also with an adjective (cf. mfn.) indicating measure[ see ];a peculiar kind of compound is formed with ordinals[ see commentator or commentary ] exempli gratia, 'for example' ardha-tṛtīya-,containing a half for its third, id est two and a half; ardha-caturtha-,having a half for its fourth, three and a half.)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: S3a1k., Pa1n2. 2-2 , 2, Pa1n2. 5-4 , 5, Pa1n2. vii , 3 , 26 and 27, Pa1n2. 1-1 , 23
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