aprastuta अप्रस्तुत

Definition: अप्रस्तुत a. 1 Unsuitable to the time or subject, not to the point, irrelevant. -2 Absurd, nonsensical; रे गोरम्भ किमप्रस्तुतं लपसि Pt.1. -3 Accidental or extraneous. -4 Not ready. -Comp. -प्रशंसा a figure of speech which, by describing the अप्रस्तुत (what is not the subject-matter) conveys a reference to the प्रस्तुत or subject-matter; अप्रस्तुतप्रशंसा सा या सैव प्रस्तुताश्रया K. P. 1. It is of 5 kinds:- कार्ये निमित्ते सामान्ये विशेषे प्रस्तुते सति । तदन्यस्य वचस्तुल्ये तुल्यस्येति च पञ्चधा ॥ i. e. when the subject-matter is viewed (a) as an effect, information of which is conveyed by stating the cause; (b) when viewed as a cause by stating the effect; (c) when viewed as a general assertion by stating a particular instance; (d) when viewed as a particular instance by stating a general assertion; and (e) when viewed as similar by stating what is similar to it, See K. P. 1 and S. D.76 for examples.

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