appayadīkṣita अप्पयदीक्षित

Definition: अप्पदीक्षित A famous versatile writer of the sixteenth century A. D. (1530-1600), son of रङ्गराजाध्वरीन्द्र a Dravid Brāhmaṇa. He wrote more than 60 smaller or greater treatises mainly on Vedānta, Mimāṁsā, Dharma and Alaṁkāra śāstras; many of his works are yet in manuscript form. The Kaumudi-prakāśa and Tiṅantaśeṣasaṁgraha are the two prominent grammatical works written by him. Paṇdit Jagannātha spoke very despisingly of him.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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