anupad अनुपद्

Definition: अनुपद् 4 A. (P. in epic poetry) 1 To go after, follow, attend. -2 To be fond of, be attached to (as a wife); उतथ्यस्य यवीयास्तु ममतामन्वपद्यत Mb. -3 To enter, go to or into. -4 To fall down, come down (to the earth); वसुधामन्वपद्येतां वातनुन्नाविव द्रुमौ Mb. -5 To enter upon, betake oneself to; जितमित्येव तानक्षान्पुनरेवान्वपद्यत, ध्यानमेवान्वपद्यत Rām.; पुत्रौ दृष्ट्वा सुसंभ्रान्ता नान्वपद्यत किंचन Mb. did not do anything else. -6 To find, discover, see, notice; दीर्घं दध्यौ. ... निमित्तं सो$न्वपद्यत Bhāg. -7 To lose (with abl.) महत्त्वान्नान्वपद्येताम् Mb. -8 to handle. -9 To fall to the share of (Ved.)

Dictionary: Apte
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