karmanāman कर्मनामन्

Definition: n. name from an activity; participle; -nâsâ, f. Name of a river; -nishtha, a. diligent in (holy) works; -nyâsa, m. cessation of work; -pâka, m. ripening of works, retribution for worksdone in a former life; -pâtaka, n. sinful deed; -pravakanîya, m. (determining an action), designation of pre positions used with nouns and of some adverbs; -phala, n. result of actions: -hetu, a. to whom results of action are a motive; -bandha, m. bondage of action; -bâhulya, n. hard work; -buddhi, a. believing in human exertion; -bhûmi, f. land of works; sphere of action; -máya, a. (î) consisting of, produced by or having the nature of action; -mârga, m. road to action, thieves' slang for openings in walls &c.; -mîmâmsâ, f.=pûrva-mîmâmsâ; -yo ga, m. activity; practice of holy works; con nexion with a sacrifice; connexion with pre vious acts: ab. or -tas, in consequence of fate; -vidhi, m. rules of action or duty; -viparyaya, m. perverse action; -vipâka=karma-pâka; -samâpta, pp. having performed the sacred rites; -siddhi, f. success of an action; -sthâ na, n.administrative office.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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