anuṣaṅgaḥ अनुषङ्गः

Definition: अनुषङ्गः 1 Close adherence or attendance; connection, conjunction, association; तस्य वैरानुषङ्गस्य गन्ता$स्म्यन्तं सुदुर्गमम् Mb.5.162.35. सानुषङ्गाणि कल्याणानि U.7. good things closely follow one another (come close upon one another). -2 Coalition, commixture. -3 Connection of word with word. -4 A word or words repeated from the context to supply an ellipsis. cf. अनुषङ्गश्च फलवचनमभविष्यत् ŚB. on MS.6.1.5. -5 Necessary consequence, inevitable result. -6 Connection of a subsequent with a previous act. -7 Incidental mention or relation (प्रसङ्ग). -8 Yearning, eager longing. -9 Compassion, pity, tenderness. -1 (In Nyāya) Connecting together the उपनय or application and निगमन or conclusion by the use of the pronoun इदं (उपनयवाक्य- स्थस्य अयमिति पदस्य निगमनवाक्ये आकर्षणम्). -11 The nasals connected with certain roots ending in consonants; P. VII.1.59. Sk. -12 An ellipsis. A mode of interpreting an incomplete sentence by supplying the required word or words from the immediate context. This mode is admissible only if there is no break (व्यवाय). This corresponds to the principle known as अनुवृत्ति (in grammar) on which a word or expression from a preceding सूत्र is read in the succeeding सूत्र or सूत्रs. नानुषङ्गः प्राप्नुयात् । कुतः । व्यवायात् । ŚB. on. MS.4.4.7.

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