aniruddha अनिरुद्ध

Definition: अनिरुद्ध a. Unobstructed, free, uncontrolled, self-willed, unruly, ungovernable. -द्धः 1 A spy, secret emissary. -2 Name of a son of Pradyumna. [Aniruddha was the son of Kāma and grandson of Kṛiṣṇa. Uṣā, the daughter of a demon named Bāṇa, fell in love with him and had him brought by magic influence to her apartments in her father's city of Śoṇitapura. Bāṇa sent some guards to seize him, but the brave youth slew his assailants with only an iron club. At last, however, he was secured by means of magic powers. On discovering where Aniruddha had been carried, Kṛiṣṇa, Balarāma and Kāma went to rescue him and a great battle was fought. Bāṇa, though aided by Śiva and Skanda, was vanquished, but his life was spared at the intercession of Śiva, and Aniruddha was carried home to Dvārakā with Uṣā as his wife. He had also another wife Rochanā, grand-daughter of king Rukmin of Vidarbha, who bore him a son named Vajra.]. -3 Also Name of Viṣṇu; and of Śiva; of an Arhat, a contemporary of Buddha. (अनिरुद्धो हि लोकेषु महानात्मेति कथ्यते Mb.12.34.3. -द्धम् A cord or rope (for fastening cattle). -Comp. -पथम् [न निरुद्धः पन्था यत्र ब.] 1 unobstructed path. -2 the sky, atmosphere (तत्र कस्यापि गतिरोधनाभावात्). -भाविनी Aniruddha's wife Uṣā.

Dictionary: Apte
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