anabhihita अनभिहित

Definition: not conveyed or expressed by another i.e. by any one of the four factors viz.verbal affix, kṛt affix,taddhita affix and compound. The rule अनभिहिते (P. II.3.I) and the following rules lay down the different case affixes in the sense of the different Kārakas or auxiliaries of the verbal activity, provided they are not shown or indicated in any one of the abovementioned four ways; e. g. see the acc. case in कटं करोति, the inst, case in दात्रेण लुनाति, the dat. case in देवदत्ताय गां ददाति, the abl. case in ग्रामादा गच्छति, or the in स्थाल्यां पचति.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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