anārṣa अनार्ष

Definition: non-vedic: not proceeding from any Ṛṣi, or Vedic Seer, cf. संबुद्धौ शाकल्यस्येतौ अनार्षे P. I.1.16, also Kāś. on the same: cf. किमिदमुपस्थितं नाम । अनार्ष इतिकरणः M.Bh.on VI.1.129: (2) pertaining to the Padapāṭha which is looked upon as अनार्ष i, e. not proceeding from any Vedic Seer; cf. अनार्षे इतिकरणः । स च द्व्यक्षर आद्युदात्तश्च, Uvvaṭa on R. Pr. III.23; cf. also A. Pr. III. 1.3.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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