triśaṅku त्रिशङ्कु

Definition: m. Name of an ancient sage and of a king of Ayodhyâ, raised to the stars as the Southern Cross: -tilaka, a. adorned with the Southern Cross: â dis, f.=the South; -satá, a. 103; 300; 300th; consisting of 300; n. 300; -sâkha, a. having three branches; -sikha, a. three-crested, three-pronged, shap ed like a trident; n. trident; -sikhara, a. three-peaked; -siras, a. three-headed; three-peaked; m. Name of aRishi with the patrony mic Tvâshtra, reputed author of RV. X, viii; Name of a Râkshasa slain by Râma; -sîrsha, -sîr shán, a. three-headed; -sûla, n. trident; a. wielding the trident (Siva).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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