alam अलम्

Definition: ind. (later form of /aram- q.v), enough, sufficient, adequate, equal to, competent, able. (alam-may govern a dative case [ j/īvitav/ai-(Vedic or Veda infinitive mood dative case) /alam- alaṃ jīvanāya- ,sufficient for living] or infinitive mood [ ; alaṃ vijñātum-"able to conceive" ] or instrumental case [ ; alaṃ śaṅkayā-,enough id est away with fear!] or genitive case [ alaṃ prajāyāḥ-,capable of obtaining progeny ]or may be used with the future [ alaṃ haniṣyati-,he will be able to kill ]or with an ind.[ ; alaṃ bhuktvā-,enough of eating id est do not eat more, alaṃ vlcārya-,enough of consideration].)