ajāta अजात

Definition: अजात [न. त.] Unborn; अजातमृतमूर्खेभ्यो मृताजातौ सुतौ वरम् Pt.1; not yet born, produced, or fully developed; ˚ककुद्, ˚पक्ष &c. -Comp. -अरि, शत्रु a. [न जातः शत्रुः अस्य; जातस्य जन्तुमात्रस्य न शत्रुः] having no enemy or adversary, not an enemy of any one. (-रिः-त्रुः) epithet of Yudhiṣṭhira; हन्त जातमजातारेः प्रथमेन त्वयारिणा Śi.2.82; न द्वेक्षि यज्जनमतस्त्वमजातशत्रुः Ve.3.15; also of Śiva and various other persons. -ककुत्-द् m. (ब.) a young bull whose hump is not yet fully developed, P.V.4.146. -दन्त a. [न जाता दन्ता यस्य यस्मिन् वयसि वा] one without teeth, or (a state) in which one has got no teeth. -पक्ष a. having undeveloped or unfledged wings. -व्यञ्जन a.. having no distinctive marks or features (as a beard.) -व्यवहारः a minor (who has not attained his majority).

Dictionary: Apte
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