mātra मात्र

Definition: n. element (only P.); --°ree;, mea sure, size, height, depth, length, breadth, distance; quantity, sum (of money); dura tion or space of time; number (redundant with numerals); whole measure, totality, ag gregate or entire class of, so and so in the widest sense; no more than what the preced ing word expresses: to be translated by no thing but, only, merely; --°ree; a. (â, î) as large, high, deep, long, broad, or far as; as much or many as; having no more than, amount ing only to, consisting of nothing but; being nothing but, a simple or mere; following im mediately after: with pp.=no sooner than, scarcely, as soon as, only just; consisting of (so many) morae; lasting (so many) moments; possessing (anything) as one's property.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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