āsaṅga plāyogi आसङ्ग प्लायोगि

Definition: Is a king who appears in a Dānastuti (‘Praise of Gifts’) in the Rigveda as a generous patron. Owing, however, to the addition of a curious phallic verse to the hymn, and its early misunderstanding, a legend was invented that he lost his manhood and became a woman, but by the intercession of Medhyātithi was transformed into a man, much to the delight of his wife, Saśvatī, whose existence is based on a misunderstanding of the phrase * every woman ’ (saśvatī nārī) in the added verse. Another misunderstanding of the Dānastuti4 gives him a son Svanad-ratha, really a mere epithet, and makes him a descendant of Yadu.

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