advaita अद्वैत

Definition: अद्वैत a. [न. ब.] 1 Not dual; of one or uniform nature, equable, unchanging; ˚तं सुखदुःखयोः U.1.39. -2 Matchless, peerless, sole, only, unique. -तम् [न. त.] 1 Non-duality, identity; especially that of Brahman with the universe or with the soul, or of soul and matter; See अद्वय also. -2 The supreme or highest truth or Brahman itself. -3 Name of an Upaniṣad; अद्वैतेन solely, without any duplicity. -Comp. -आनन्दः (अद्वय˚) 1 the joy arising from a knowledge of the identity of the universe and the Supreme Spirit. -2 Name of an author and Founder of the Vaiṣṇava sect in Bengal, flourished at the close of the 15th century. -वादिन् = अद्वयवादिन् q. v. above; a Vedāntin.

Dictionary: Apte
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