aditi अदिति

Definition: अदिति a. [न दीयते खण्ड्यते बध्यते बृहत्त्वात्; दो-क्तिच्] Free, not tied. आदित्यासो अदितयः स्याम Rv.7.52.1. boundless, unlimited, inexhaustible; entire, unbroken; happy, pious (mostly Ved. in all these senses). -तिः [अत्ति प्राणिजातम्; अद्इतिच्] 1 Devourer i. e. death; यद्यदेवासृज तत्तदत्तुमध्रियत, सर्वं वा अत्तीति तददितेरदितित्वम् Bṛi. Ār. Up.1.2.5. -2 An epithet of God. -तिः f. [न दातुं शक्तिः] 1 Inability to give, poverty. -2 [दातुं छेत्तुम् अयोग्या] (a) The earth. (b) The goddess Aditi, mother of the Ādityas, in mythology represented as the mother of gods; see further on. (c) Freedom, security; boundlessness, immensity of space (opp. to the earth). (d) Inexhaustible abundance, perfection. (e) The lunar mansion called पुनर्वसु. (f) Speech; या प्राणेन संभवत्यदितिर्देवतामयी (शब्दादीनां अदनात् अदितिः Śaṅkara). (g) A cow. cf. ŚB. on MS. 1-3-49. (h) Milk; wife (?). -ती (dual) Heaven and earth. [अदिति literally means 'unbounded', 'the boundless Heaven', or according to others, 'the visible infinite, the endless expanse beyond the earth, beyondthe clouds, beyond the sky'. According to Yāska अदिति- रदीना देवमाता, and the verse beginning with अदितिर्द्यौः &c. Rv.1.89.16. he interprets by taking अदिति to mean अदीन i. e. अनुपक्षीण, न ह्येषां क्षयो$स्ति इति. [In the Ṛigveda Aditi is frequently implored 'for blessing on children and cattle, for protection and for forgiveness'. She is called 'Devamātā' being strangely enough represented both as mother and daughter of Dakṣa. She had 8 sons; she approached the gods with 7 and cast away the 8th (Mārtaṇḍa, the sun.) In another place Aditi is addressed as 'supporter of the sky, sustainer of the earth, sovereign of this world, wife of Viṣṇu', but in the Mahābhārata, Rāmāyaṇa and Purāṇas, Viṣṇu is said to be the son of Aditi, one of the several daughters of Dakṣa and given in marriage of Kaśyapa by whom she was the mother of Viṣṇu in his dwarf incarnation, and also of Indra, and she is called mother of gods and the gods her sons, 'Aditinandanas'; See Dakṣa and Kaśyapa also]. -Comp. -जः, -नन्दनः a god, divine being.

Dictionary: Apte
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