adatta अदत्त

Definition: अदत्त a. 1 Not given. अदत्तान्युपभुञ्जानः Ms.4.22. -2 Unjustly or improperly given. -3 Not given in marriage. -4 Not having given anything. -त्ता An unmarried girl. -त्तम् A gift which is null and void (having been given under particular circumstances which make it revocable). -Comp. -आदायिन् a. the receiver of such a gift; one who takes what has not been given away, such as a thief; अदत्तादायिनो हस्ताल्लि- प्सेत ब्राह्मणो धनं । याजनाध्यापनेनापि यथा स्तेनस्तथैव सः ॥ -पूर्वा not affianced or betrothed before; अदत्तपूर्वेत्याशङ्क्यते Māl.4.

Dictionary: Apte
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