abhiyuj अभियुज्

Definition: अभियुज् 7 A. 1 To apply oneself to, exert oneself, make oneself ready for, prepare, set about, strive or endeavour (used in passive also in this sense); तद्यदि न सहते ततः स्वयमभियुज्यस्व । एते स्वकर्मण्यभियुज्यामहे । Mu.3; Dk.55; K.3; व्यसनमभियुञ्जानस्य Mu.4 trying to find out a weak point. -2 To attack, assail; भवन्तमभियोक्तु- मुद्युङ्क्ते Dk.3; वृषलमभियोक्तुमुद्यतः Mu.1; क इदानीमभियोक्ष्यते U.3. -3 To accuse, charge; complain or inform against, prosecute, claim or demand (as in a law-suit); न तत्र विद्यते किंचिद्यत्परैरभियुज्यते Ms.8.183; विभावितैकदेशेन देयं यदभियुज्यते V.4.17 claimed, asked, or demanded; Y.2.9,28,1. -4 To wish or long for, desire, ask for, request. -5 To say, speak, tell; नाभियोक्तुमनृतं त्वमिष्यसे Ki. -6 To appoint to, entrust with (with loc.). -7 To use with (inst.). -8 To be working or operative. -9 To put to; harness; harness repeatedly. -1 To hurt. -Caus. To join or unite to, attach oneself to; परकलत्रेषु सुहृत्त्वेनाभियोज्य Dk.163.

Dictionary: Apte
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