abhinava अभिनव

Definition: अभिनव a. [आधिक्येन नवः, भृशार्थे अभिरत्र] 1 (a) Quite new or fresh (in all senses); पदपङ्क्तिर्दृश्यते$भिनवा Ś3.7;5.1; ˚कण्ठशोणित 6.27; Me.1; R.9.29; ˚वा वधूः K.2 newly married. (b) Quite young or fresh, blooming, youthful (as body, age &c.); वपुर- भिनवमस्याः पुष्यति स्वां न शोभाम् Ś.1.19; U.5.12; the younger; ˚शाकटायनः; ˚भोजः &c. (c) Fresh, recent. -2 Very young, not having experience. -वः [अभिनु अप्] Praise to win over, flattery. -Comp. -उद्भिद् -दः a new shoot or bud. -कालिदासः The modern Kālidāsa, i. e. Mādhavāchārya. -गुप्तः Name of a well-known author. -चन्द्रार्घविधिः 1 a ceremony performed at the time of the new moon. -2 Name of the 114th chapter in the Bhaviṣya Purāṇa. -तामरसम् 1 a fresh-blown lotus. -2 a kind of metre. -यौवन, -वयस्क a. youthful, very young. -वैयाकरणः one who has newly begun his study of grammar.

Dictionary: Apte
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