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abhinīta अभिनीत

Definition: अभिनीत p. p. 1 Brought near, conveyed. -2 Performed, represented dramatically. -3 Highly finished or polished, most excellent. -4 Highly ornamented or decorated. -5 Fit, proper, suitable (योग्य); अभिनीततरं वाक्यमित्युवाच युधिष्ठिरः Mb. -6 Patient, forgiving, even-minded. -7 Angry (युक्ते$तिसंस्कृतेमर्षिण्यभिनीतः Ak. where the word may be अमर्षिणि as well while Nm. reads युक्ते तु संस्कृते$मर्षिण्यभिनीतः प्रचक्ष्यते). -8 Kind, friendly. -9 Acknowledged, agreed (प्रतिज्ञात); मित्रार्थ- मभिनीतार्थं यथावत् कर्तुमर्हति Rām.4.29.12.

Dictionary: Apte
Literary Sources:
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