abhijit अभिजित्

Definition: अभिजित् a. [अभि-जि-क्विप्] 1 Victorious, conquering completely. पराभिजिद्गन्धनगन्धवाहः Rām.6.19.12. -2 Helping in conquering completely. -3 Born under the constellation अभिजित् P.IV.3.36, see अभिजित. m. 1 Name of Viṣṇu. -2 Name of a sacrifice, part of the great sacrifice called गवामयन; (यजेत) अभिजिद्विश्वजिद्भ्यां वा Ms. 11.75, also used for अतिरात्र q. v. -3 Name of a star; Name of one of the lunar mansions. -4 Name of a son (Hariv.) or the father (V. P.) of Punarvasu. n. 1 The 8th Muhūrta of the day, mid-day (fit for a Śrāddha ceremony). -2 Name of a लग्न favourable to setting out. -Comp. -मुहूर्तः The 8th Muhūrta or period comprising 24 minutes before and 24 minutes after noon. -विश्वजितौ the two Soma-sacrifices Abhijit and Viśvajit.

Dictionary: Apte
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