abhigam अभिगम्

Definition: अभिगम् 1 P. 1 To go to, go near to, approach (with acc.); एनमभिजग्मुर्भहर्षयः R.15.59; Ki.1.21; मनुमेकाग्रमासीनमभिगम्य महर्षयः Ms.1.1;11.1. -2 To follow; go after; अनुरागाद्वने रामं दिष्ट्य त्वमभिगच्छसि Rām. -3 To find; meet with (casually or by chance). -4 To cohabit; have sexual intercourse (with man or woman); अभिगन्तास्मि भगिनीं मातरं वा तवेति ह Y.2.25; अभ्यगच्छः पतिं यत्त्वं भजमानम् Mb. -5 To take to, undertake, betake oneself to. -6 To get, to share in; be subject to; निद्रामभिगतः Rām. -7 To conceive, apprehend, understand, comprehend. -Caus. 1 To cause to go to or approach; take, convey; send; Dk.12. -2 To cause to apprehend; explain, teach.

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